Chi₿o is the Salvadorean word for cool.


Our goal is to mix Bitcoin, El Salvador and make it look good.

Chi₿o apparel was born from the need to increase Salvadorean grass roots involvement with Bitcoin.

Founded by Alejandra Guajardo Miss Universe El Salvador 2022, chibo apparel is a brand that at its core promotes Bitcoin and El Salvador, with the goal of raising awareness nationally and internationally about our country and its relationship with Bitcoin.

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as a national currency on September 2021 and since then the national adoption has been slow. The goal of Chi₿o is to become the bitcoin wear for our citizens and an ambassador apparel for all the bitcoiners of the world that want to support El Salvador.

With the profits of CHI₿O we are also helping “Una Camisa Para Todos” which is our foundation focused in giving one dress shirt to the students of El Salvador.

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Mission: Our mission at Chibo Apparel is to seamlessly blend El Salvador’s rich cultural heritage with the most innovative financial cutting-edge world of digital innovation, BITCOIN. Through our high-quality apparel, we aim to celebrate and spread awareness about Salvadoran heritage, the technological advancement represented by Bitcoin, and the spirit of leadership embodied by President Bukele. We strive to create a meaningful connection between the past and the future, reflecting our unique identity while embracing change and progress.

Vision: At Chibo Apparel, we envision ourselves as the bridge that unites El Salvador’s cultural legacy with the digital age. We aspire to become an internationally recognized brand for our quality garments that encapsulate the essence of the Salvadoran nation and its embrace of Bitcoin opportunities. We see a global community identifying with our vision, valuing authenticity, innovation, and visionary leadership. As we move forward, we aim to contribute to a renewed perception of El Salvador and its role in shaping an exciting, technologically empowered future.